DemoPad Designer & Centro Control

A PC based software engineered for the creation of powerful, bespoke iOS or Android applications. Whether your environment is commercial, industrial or residential, the Demopad Designer software has the flexibility and capability to satisfy your requirements.

Laptop showing a screenshot of DemoPad Designer Software

Centro Hardware

Irrespective of the scenario, the Centro range of hardware offers a stable, dynamic and cost effective solution. Centro Processors are capable of advanced automation, executing complex macros with ease.
Seamlessly blend technologies with the Centro Gateways, regardless of your system or I/O requirements.

Photo of a tech store with IoT graphics

DemoPad Cloud

The Demopad Cloud Portal enables subscribers to remotely manage and deploy projects worldwide, allowing for large scale deployment of distributed solutions. The user interface displays live project status for effective management enabling complex changes to be made at the push of a button.
With data analysis and system notifications, the Demopad cloud ensures a truly “smart” solution.

Desktop PC displaying DemoPad Cloud Dashboard