DemoPad Designer

Control System Design Software

A PC-based software engineered for the creation and design of powerful, bespoke iOS or Android control system applications.

Whether you are creating software only solutions, integrating third party manufacturers and or utilising the Centro range of products, Designer gives you the creative power and control you need.

Photo of a Laptop displaying the DemoPad Designer Software
DemoPad Designer use Diagram

Integrates with DemoPad Cloud

Store your projects on our DemoPad Cloud platform and deploy them with a QR code. Designer itself doesn't require an internet connection

Complex Control Capabilites

Using a range of data types, operations and commands you can build your control system exactly the way you like it

Free Graphics Packs and Customisation

Designer comes with a range of Graphics to build your UI with. You can also use your own imagery for a truly bespoke app

Updates and Feature Releases

We're constantly working to improve our software, bringing frequent releases with new features for you to enjoy

3rd Party Support

Designer and the Centro Control App are compatible with an extensive range of control devices. An in-app purchase is required if a Centro isn't used in the installation.

What's new?

Latest Version: v3.104

  • New Feature: Optional automatic project and firmware cloud updates to Centro-8M
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