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We recommend the use of an authorised installer to plan, design, install & commission your home automation solution. However, if you want to use our software & app to create your own system, we have provided you with everything you need to do so. Plus you can always email us at if you need additional assistance.

DemoPad Made Easy: Step 1 - Design Your Interface
DemoPad Made Easy: Step 2 - Add Equipment Controls
DemoPad Made Easy: Step 3 - Upload to iPad/iPhone
DemoPad Made Easy: Step 4 - Control Your Home!

Example System Layout

DemoPad systems can be varied in design, an example is shown here, where equipment is controlled either directly over IP, or indirectly via our Centro hardware / 3rd party gateways

DemoPad System

Checklist for creating your project

Please read through the following checklist to ensure you have everything you need to get started

  • Any iOS device supporting iOS 8.0+
  • Android (for Model compatibility, email Support)

Next you'll need our DemoDesign software - which is our in-house developed PC software that allows you to completely configure your home automation user interface. Using our supplied graphics files, or your own imported files, you can create a layout that works for you. Multiple pages, complex conditional logic-based macros & object linking are some of the advanced features available in our software.

We also provide some example projects and pages on our forums as well as other users being able to upload their own designs. There are also various example projects included in the DemoDesign software which you can edit as much as you like or start using straight away.

(Note: Even with our example projects you will still need to download the DemoDesign software to be able to upload the design onto your device).

Download Example Projects

Download Graphics Sets / Templates

Tech Support & Forum

You can use any graphics files you can get hold of, at no extra charge, or you can use one of our pay per project graphics sets from our store. We've also teamed up with some excellent graphics design companies who have created custom design templates for use with DemoPad software.

DemoDesign Software - Selecting Starting Template DemoDesign Software - Building the User-Interface DemoDesign Software - Uploading to iPad/iPhone

Available on the iTunes App Store, our CentroControl app works in conjunction with our DemoDesigner PC software to create a custom user interface which allows you to control your equipment - in a way that is best for you. Once you configure the project on a PC, you are able to transfer the project to your iPad / iPhone, which then communicates directly with your home automation equipment.

Download CentroControl

DemoControl App - Example Interface (Blu-Ray Remote) DemoControl App - Example Interface (Lighting Control) DemoControl App - Example Interface (Room Choice) DemoControl App - Example Interface (Sky+ HD Remote)