DemoPad assisted an installer to create this stunning boardroom control system. Customised graphics were created to simulate the boardroom environment, allowing users to select their seated position, and select which connectivity cable to route to the projector / TV installed. Due to the wiring and routing equipment used, different cable options were presented to the user at each seating position. Single and multi-source quad views are available. The solution also included control of lighting and blinds via a 3rd party system, with all control coming from the DemoPad interface. Automation was also included, automatically closing blinds at certain times of day based on the position of the sun, to automatically prevent excessive light during company presentations.

Center Parcs

DemoPad was approached by a large system integrator to provide two distinct bespoke solutions. The first involved multi-room audio visual control via an iPad for guests staying in their premier accommodations. A requirement of the solution was that it had to work in the absence of an internet connection. Our Centro-C hardware provided the control mechanism for several 3rd party amplifiers, bluray players and TVs, and the iPad provided a customised graphical interface which was intuitive for any user. The second solution involved their large multi-screen sports bar premises. Individual or group control of TV sources allowed bar staff to truly customise the experience of any client. Bar staff could visually select one or more TVs from a floorplan image, and select the source to be sent to that zone, using a 3rd party HDMI over IP system, controlled directly via IP from an iPad. Zoned audio and control of TV sources completed the solution.